Bristol Mistress Blaze – Intro

Mistress Blaze – Dominatrix, humiliatrix, all round super bitch.

Mistress Blaze, standing tall at 5″8, a slim and sensual size 10 with beautifully alluring curves. She has an ass worthy of your worship and deep, decadent brown eyes you will helplessly drawn into. Pedicured feet, adorned in beautiful heels or boots will have you drooling and begging to see more.

Her personal appearance is impeccable at all times, taking great care of every aspect of her look. Adorning a gothic style, preferring corsets, all in one suits and 6 inch heels. She is fierce both inside and out.

Mistress Blaze is a born dominant, with years of experience. She commands your respect and obedience by merely entering the room. Her sessions are tailored to your individual kinks and desires, ensuring a wonderfully inclusive experience. She demands honesty and respect from first communication and throughout.

She will smile sexily as she dishes out commands and punishments, dragging you kicking and screaming into her world, where she is queen and you are nothing more than her humble, adoring slave.